Now online: The Faktor Zehn Merchandise Shop!

For all employees, customers and members of the Faktor Zehn community, there are some very different news today. The official Spreadshirt Store of Faktor Zehn is now online: shop.spreadshirt.de/faktorzehn-shop/all

With more than 25 products, the store offers a balanced variety of branded articles of factor ten. Besides T-shirts and of course hoodies, there is also a unisex outdoor jacket as well as some articles for children and babies. The available motifs currently include the company logo as well as the Faktor Zehn mascots FIPS and linkki.

More information can be found in our blog: https://blog.faktorzehn.de/2020/02/ab-sofort-online-der-faktor-zehn-merchandise-shop/?lang=en

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