The biggest IT mistakes

The selection of IT misconceptions is huge and will certainly continue to grow in the coming years. However, we can draw much more than amusement from the various examples.

After all, the people we will be quoting in the coming blog articles are instrumental in making the IT industry develop so exorbitantly. They are first-movers, pioneers and experts in the field. People with power and influence. People who influence our everyday lives through their products. And yet these same people have also made bad decisions and had to pay dearly. A strong culture of mistakes is essential for our day-to-day cooperation at Faktor Zehn. We learn from and with each other and thus continue to develop. These amusing examples should always remind us that mistakes are something everyday from which we have to draw our conclusions and thus constantly improve.

For this very reason, we will be presenting various IT misconceptions to you in the coming weeks and looking at the statements from today's perspective. We hope to show you that mistakes are normal and can even happen to people who are absolute experts in their field.

Yours Faktor Zehn-Team

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