Our digital practice group Core Insurance Meeting

Last week Thursday our Practice Group Core Insurance Meeting took place again. In this meeting our colleagues are informed about current developments in the company, important news and figures. Furthermore, news about sales, our projects, product development as well as personnel topics are shared with the employees.

The internal Faktor Zehn communities were also presented for the first time. The communities each have a focus topic that they deal with and where they improve processes, promote communication and implement new ideas. One result of one of the communities, for example, is the newly established Release Summit, which promotes the exchange of ideas between the various product development teams.


Digital execution

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, the meeting was again conducted digitally. Colleagues were able to connect live from home and listen to the presentations of the various people. By conducting it digitally, it was also easy to collect feedback from participants through a digital survey and present it directly. Of course, questions could also be asked and answered at the end of the presentations.


Exchange in the digital space

One of the most important aspects of our Practice Group Core Insurance Meetings is always the exchange among colleagues. For this reason, we again used a digital network area, which we had already used at the Faktor Zehn User Group this year. In this area, participants were able to gather at tables or in open space and communicate with each other directly via video chat. In a special area of the area, several tables were also prepared where we could play mini-games with and against each other in small teams.

In addition, an online quiz show was offered. This was professionally conducted and moderated by an external provider. Colleagues were also able to take part in a digital quiz. The quiz show puzzled the teams with various questions and provided good entertainment for the participants.


Conclusion of the digital Practice Group Core Insurance Meeting

Despite being held digitally again, the meeting was a complete success. The feedback we have received so far has been overwhelmingly positive and once again confirms our belief that it is possible to hold such events digitally at Faktor Zehn and that they are also perceived positively by employees. We are therefore very excited and already looking forward to the next Practice Group Core Insurance Meeting.


Your  Faktor Zehn-Team

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