Faktor Zehn releases a new Version of Faktor-IPM

An upgrade of the policy system is now available: In version 18.11 Faktor Zehn has added more functionality to Faktor-IPM, including a new sample line of business.

The new version of Faktor-IPM has an extended range of functions including the ability to compare two contract versions, and the ability to make notes on a policy. There is new sample content for car insurance.
The comparison of two contract versions enables the user to select any two versions from the history and to view the differences between them, including any changes to the product, contributions and all rating features.
With the help of the new note function, administrators can now enter additional free text notes for a policy. Notes can be created, changed and deleted separately to the processing of a policy.
Faktor-IPM 18.11 also offers a new category: KFZ 1.0. The tariff within it makes it possible to manage new business, make changes and process cancellations for cars. It also has a product with a score-based contribution calculation. The underlying contract and product model is the Faktor Zehn Reference Model.