BavariaDirekt is the first customer to set the new Faktor- ICO commission solution in productive use.

Digital insurer BavariaDirekt is the first Faktor Zehn customer to go live with the new Faktor-ICO commission solution.

The digital insurer BavariaDirekt is the
first customer of Faktor Zehn to go live with the new commission
solution Faktor-ICO.

BavariaDirekt has already been relying on Faktor Zehn's software
for its core insurance processes since 2019. For BavariaDirect, one
of the first providers of e-scooter insurance, lean IT processes and
a modern architecture are important success factors to be able to
place attractive insurance products on the market, in an agile
manner and with a short time-to-market. After the successful golive
of the policy system for the private liability line of business at the
end of 2021, the new core insurance platform was to be expanded
with a lean commission solution for calculating the commissions of
the sales partners.

When the contract was signed, the Faktor-ICO commission solution
was still in the development phase, which meant that
BavariaDirekt's individual requirements could be taken into account
in the standard version of the new solution and incorporated directly.

Thanks to the completely agile project approach, the commission
solution for the private liability line of business went live after a project
duration of only 7 months. In parallel, the migration of all contracts
still existing in the legacy system was started, so that by the
end of the year the entire new and existing business of the division
can be managed and processed via Faktor-IPM and Faktor-ICO.
"Sometimes it felt like we had to change a tire while driving, and we
kept finding solutions to it together! At a point like that, it starts to be
really fun!" (Mirek Sindler - Head of IT, Data & Controlling)

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