ProTect Versicherung AG relies on software from Faktor Zehn for the realignment of their IT systems.

As part of its growth strategy, the subsidiary of Provinzial has opted for the Faktor Zehn Suite. The goal of the project, which is being implemented in an agile manner, is a first go-live in Q3 2020.

Dusseldorf, 14.05.2020 – As a provider of tailor-made innovative insurance solutions, ProTect Insurance is on a growth path.

In order to support this growth and a fast time-to-market, ProTect has opted for a new software solution from Faktor Zehn.

The decisive factors for this decision were the technical maturity of the solution, the good integration capability of the Faktor Zehn Suite into the existing system landscape and the connection to the systems
of the parent company Provinzial Rheinland.

Since the Faktor Zehn Suite covers all core processes from product definition, offer management and inventory management to claims management, the use of several suite components results in additional advantages and positive synergies. Through the central modeling of products, these can be made available seamlessly to all software modules, whereby services can be brought to market significantly faster and more cost-effectively. The goal of the project,which is being handled in an agile manner, is a first go-live in Q3 2020.

Zielsetzung des Vorhabens, das agil umgesetzt wird, ist ein erster Go-Live in Q3 2020.

About ProTect

The focus of ProTect lies on the design of innovative and fair product solutions for financing and payment protection. Especially in connection with payment obligations from financing or other regular obligations, the loss of income from work can in the worst case, become a threat to existence. However, this can also result in a particular economic burden for lenders if the general economic situationleads to increased payment defaults.

In order to be able to offer customers and partners effective protection in such difficult situations, ProTect sees itself not as a supplier of standardized products, but as a developer of individual and holistic coverage concepts and product solutions. This ensures that customers receive comprehensive insurance protection tailored to their individual needs in the event of loss of income. By taking customer specific requirements into account, it is ensured that the holistic insurance solutions are tailor-made. https://www.protect-versicherung.de/

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