Do you have interested parties or customers?

With Faktor-IBP, you can effectively manage all customers, prospects and other parties involved in your business transactions.

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Cross-divisional and cross-channel partner management for the entire group

Faktor-IBP - our easily integrated Business Partner

Faktor-IBP was developed out of a need for our customers to be able to manage any number of partners in business transactions - even if only a small amount of data is available.

Thanks to our proven partner interface, Faktor-IBP integrates perfectly into the Faktor Zehn Suite. New partners can also be created during the entry of business transactions without system interruption, after which you can then maintain the generated partners centrally. Historical data remains accessible and further policy systems can be connected easily, as all functions are available as REST services.

The six Components of Faktor-IBP

Faktor-IBP as a flexible management system for all partner data

Manage all partner data centrally in Faktor-IBP or use the software in addition to your existing partner solution. When used as a supplementary component, you can only manage data on prospects or participants and separate it from customer data - e.g. to meet data protection obligations or the Code of Conduct.

The partner model was developed with Faktor-IPS and the interfaces with our open source interface framework linkki. This allows us to guarantee a high degree of flexibility and low maintenance requirements.

The benefits of managing partners with Faktor-IBP

  • Cross-divisional and cross-channel

    Cross-divisional and cross-channel partner management for the whole group

  • Powerful search functions

    Powerful search functions and roles for business objects increase efficiency when working with the partner and product systems

  • Easy integration

    Seamless integration with ready-made interfaces, including interfaces to other partner systems

  • Basic functions of the Faktor Zehn Suite

    Based on proven functions of the Faktor Zehn Suite

  • Operation across all channel

    Serves all channels with duplicate management, acquisition data and grouping

  • Extendable

    Versatile expansion possible using add-ons

  • Good fit to customer requirements

    Developed in co-operation with our customers, the suite is closely aligned to the needs of insurance industry

Your technical lead trough Faktor-IBP

  • 100 % Java


  • Service-orientated architecture


  • Consistent surface design

    With linkki, our UI-Framework

  • Seamlessly and easily integrated

    Direct access to the partner model, adapters to peripheral systems available,  all functions available via REST-ful Services