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With Faktor-ICS you can fulfil your claims promise quickly and effectively.

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Modern claims management for insurance 4.0


The latest version of our core insurance suite for insurance 4.0 offers fast, flexible claims services with a future-proof architecture for digitized business models.

Faktor-ICS (Insurance Claims System) allows you to fulfill your claims commitments quickly, efficiently and effectively - even for new and innovative product ideas, thanks to the unique system architecture.

Faktor-ICS delivers ready-made, segment-specific processes and functions for claims management from "advance payment" to "assignment management" - all in a modern web-based UI.

As a stand-alone solution, adapters for policy and product systems from third-party providers are available.

How do you benefit from Faktor-ICS?

Professional advantages

  • Segment-specific sample processes and functions support you in the rapid configuration of claims processing for your non-life business
  • Potential for comprehensive automation and shadow processing
  • Modern web-based interface
  • Standard software - rely on a proven solution that adapts to your individual requirements
  • Third-party services can be easily integrated thanks to the high flexibility of the solution

What does Faktor-ICS offer?

  • Claims creation and processing
  • Formal and substantive coverage verification
  • Case overview
  • Authorizations and release processes
  • Management of claim participants
  • Payments, subrogation, reserves
  • Change history
  • Prepared interfaces to neighboring systems



Technological advantages

  • 100 % Java
  • Service-oriented architecture (REST-API or SOAP-API)
  • Consistent surface design with linkki, our UI framework
  • Seamlessly and easily integrated - direct access to product model and contract status, adapters to surrounding systems available
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Seamlessly integrated into product and policy management

Parameters are integrated seamlessly - from the product system to policy and claims management.  Faktor-ICS can directly access product and contract information – claims related information such as level of cover or compensation limits are stored in the product and contract model. There is no need to maintain such information in separate places or map between systems, so new product ideas can be made available quickly throughout the entire value chain. Automated coverage checks take place out-of-the-box.

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