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Omni-channel anytime: Faktor-IOS maps your offer and quotation functions, centrally, for all divisions and distribution channels.

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The quotation system for your omni-channel sales activities

Keep pace with digital transformation - separate your sales strategy from the transformation of your back-end systems

In the world of digital transformation, the replacement of back-end systems takes up time and resources. So how do you maintain speed? By using Faktor-IOS (Insurance Offer System) as a central quotation system and reacting swiftly to changing market conditions.

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With Faktor-IOS the rules relating to sales logic are configured centrally and are accessible across departments and sales channels. Faktor-IOS takes the relevant product information from the existing back-end systems. On this basis, sales products and variants are created in Faktor-IOS and are then adapted to the respective channel strategy. Both back-end and front-end systems are connected via services.

As part of our digital sales strategy, we offer our clients cross-channel access to our insurance products and a seamless customer journey across all ERGO's sales channels. With their offer system, Faktor Zehn provides us with a central software component and supports the implementation of our strategic project.

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How do you benefit from Faktor-IOS?

Professional advantages

  • Cost control and time-to-market
  • Classic and new distribution channels
  • Faktor-IOS can be used for all divisions
  • Slim front ends and 24/7 availability
  • Channel-specific customer approach
  • Uncomplicated integration - existing computing cores and other peripheral systems can be easily and architecturally cleanly connected
  • Faktor-IOS is the basis for omnichannel sales management: The quotation and quotation data for each channel (phone, online, mobile, etc.) is stored, even if it is incomplete. This means you can evaluate statistics and follow customer journeys

What does Faktor-IOS offer?

  • Combines all core functions of an offer and quotation system
  • Thanks to the integrated product system Faktor-IPS®, offer and sales variants can be configured - adapted to the respective sales channel
  • Upgrading and upselling support is given, cross-selling support is possible
  • Central offer storage and offer services
  • Underwriting - Master data acquisition, risk analysis, quotation entry and preparation
  • Offer validation to ensure the quality of offers and applications for processing in the backend
  • Integration framework for connection in all front- and backend systems

Technological advantages

  • Based on Java EE Standard
  • Uses a microservice-oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Supports product-driven, dynamic interfaces
  • Uses the same product logic in front and back-office systems
  • Offers XML import and export
  • Scalable from stand-alone to internet platform
  • Model-driven with a code generator for model classes
  • Includes the Faktor-IPS® product definition tool within the calculation engine
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What is Faktor-IOS?

An overview of Faktor-IOS, a modern and proven standard software package for offer and quotation management

(3:22 min)

Live Demo with ERGO @ DIA

Presentation of the new offer engine of ERGO Direkt, based on our standard offer system Faktor-IOS.

Faktor Zehn and ERGO Direkt present new Offer Engine @DIA Amsterdam 2017.

(9:19 min)
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