Standard or flexibility?

We offer both! Faktor-IPM enables you to adapt products and contract structures to your needs, whilst providing all the standard functions at the same time.

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For tomorrow’s smart policy management

Faktor-IPM - our powerful policy system based on Java EE architecture

We developed Faktor-IPM together with our customers to ensure that the solution is aligned to the needs of the insurance industry. Our policy system specializes on the administration of non-life policies. It has a wide range of functionality and end-to-end reference models for property, liability, accident and automotive insurance (adapted to the requirements of the German market.)

Standard vs. flexibility – our solution provides both!

With Faktor-IPM contracts can be managed efficiently and new products can be brought to market quickly. The integrated product system Faktor-IPS® allows you to freely model products and contract structures or adapt them to individual needs. At the same time, you can use the standard Faktor-IPM functions such as history management, billing, business transaction control, etc.

As part of the Faktor-Zehn-Suite, Faktor-IPM can be seamlessly integrated with all Faktor Zehn products.

Extensive range of functionality:
  • pre-configured products, reference models, modern business transaction control and interfaces for non-life business

  • components for eVB and VWB for motor insurance, and compliance with current German GDV standard

  • all core functions of policy management (including history management, retroactive changes, pending administration, billing components, business transactions, persistence, multi-client capability, processes, delta determination, authentication, authorization)

  • joint modelling of product and contract structures

  • optimized user interface for efficient, qualified processing

  • flexible interfaces facilitate the integration into the existing IT landscape, so that interfacing systems may not need to be changed

A recent Celent Report describes Faktor-IPM as having a solid functional range and very good market adaptation

Here you can read an excerpt from the report

Faktor-IPM’s flexible model is the decisive reason for Versicherungskammer Bayern in implementing our product visions.

Dr. Sascha Groh

Versicherungskammer Bayern
Benefits of using Faktor-IPM for policy management
  • Covers all insurance types

    Can be used for all insurance types: non-life, car insurance, commercial, industry and additional-health

  • Scalability

    Scalable thanks to JEE architecture

  • Automation and shadow processing

    High degree of automation and, therefore, shadow processing rate possible

  • Speed and Time-to-Market

    The integrated product system Faktor-IPS enables products to be available within a day

  • Increased productivity

    Special tools and views for the product manager increase productivity

  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

    Faktor-IPM’s efficiency and performance benefits occur not only within the implementation project, but also during operations

  • Simple integration

    The innovative interface concept and service-oriented architecture means the integration into your system landscape can be done quickly and easily

Technical benefits of using Faktor-IPM
  • 100 % Java


  • Integrated open source product system

    Faktor-IPS is the calculation engine and is the basis for product and contract modeling

  • Service-oriented architecture


What is Faktor-IPM?

An overview of Faktor-IPM, a modern and flexible solution for insurance policy management
(3:11 min)