Open source or high-performance?

Have both! With our open source product system, you can define and design modular products and services easily.

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Tool for insurance applications development

Faktor-IPS, the product system for insurance companies

Faktor-IPS enables you to define and design modular products and services centrally for all sales channels and back-end systems in your company, and takes advantage of modern, transparent interfaces and extensive functionality. Faktor-IPS can be used for all types of insurance.

Model-driven approach – Faktor-IPS guarantees success

The model-driven approach means that Faktor-IPS is much more than a product system. Faktor-IPS generates Java code from the defined product and contract models. This code can then be used directly for your system applications (offer, contract systems etc.), as well as for the integration with the interfacing systems. There is always the option of changing the code manually and extending the model.

Faktor-IPS is provided free of charge and is continuously further developed.

Download Faktor-IPS here
Faktor-IPS as a development platform for quotations/offers, claims and policy systems

In conjunction with linkki, our open source interface framework, Faktor-IPS forms the development platform for our core insurance solutions and for our suite. Our customers also use Faktor-IPS to develop their own solutions (offer and policy systems). The benefits include fast time-to-market and low maintenance efforts.

Extensive functions (extract)

As a digital insurer, we need for the right online customer experience a calculation engine that delivers results in a split second, even for complex products. Faktor-IPS exceeded our expectations. Faktor Zehn helped us enormously to deliver on time.

Herr Ton van der Linden; CIO Achmea

Ton van der Linden

CIO Achmea

The decisive factor, that swung the decision in Faktor Zehn’s favour, was the significant benefits Faktor-IPS® offers for the bespoke development of complex insurance systems.

Herr Udo Röhl; Projektleiter Signal Iduna

Udo Röhl

Project Manager, Signal Iduna
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Benefits of using Faktor-IPS® for product management
Technical benefits of Faktor-IPS®
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Live Demo with Achmea @ DIA

Managing complex pension processes, products, DB /DC schemes and their respective calculations with Faktor-IPS

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