Research or training?

In our academy we share our knowledge about processes, technologies and methods.


Benefit from trainings in small groups.

Give yourself and your employees an overview of our core insurance solutions, or dive
deeper to gain a detailed understanding.

As part of the Faktor Zehn Academy, we offer regular training on our products, technologies and methods. In addition to theoretical concepts and models, our product knowledge is transferred to participants in small groups using practical exercises. As well as the events already planned, we can also conduct all training courses exclusively for you if required - in-house or at our offices in Munich or Cologne.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. If there is currently no suitable training course for you, we will be happy to put together a tailor-made programme for you.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Seal of approval for the proven use of the Faktor Zehn software

With our product certifications, you can ensure that your employees use Faktor Zehn software safely and efficiently. Through regular re-certifications, users of the software are also kept up to date with the latest knowledge and are constantly learning new features.

Zertifizierungen Skillset Stufen

The certification offer is based on the existing Faktor Zehn software training courses. There are three skill levels for each Faktor Zehn module: Professional, Specialist and Expert.
In the first two levels, the know-how acquired in the training courses is tested in the corresponding certification examination in a theoretical and practical part. The Expert certification requires proof of professional experience and participation in the community.

After passing the exam, the participant receives an official Faktor Zehn certification badge. This badge can easily be shared in social media such as LinkedIn and stored in the profile. Metadata, which is contained in the badge, always allows third parties to see the originality and proof of acquisition of the award.
With the badges, users document a qualified handling of the Faktor Zehn software and can use their knowledge even more efficiently.

Note: Up to now, our certifications are only available for Faktor-IPS. At the Professional skill level, there are currently certifications for Faktor-IPM as well as for linkki. More certification paths will follow!

If you are interested in our certification offer, please get in touch with our contact person.

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