We are Faktor Zehn

Technology, team spirit and nerdy kitchen conversations – if that’s your kind of thing come and join us at Faktor Zehn!

Faktor Zehn is a recognized specialist in the IT in the insurance industry. Our teams have been providing JAVA-SE/EE consulting services since 2004. We design, develop and implement individual and ingenious products with new architecture and applications. You can expect mutual cooperation and open and fair relationships with one another. We are honest with our customers and honest with our employees.

This is how we create software solutions - with our hearts and with our minds.

Faktor Zehn in a nutshell


Software development for well-known insurance companies


Core insurance systems, mobile applications, individual solutions

Our motto:

Work with professionals!

Colleagues (m/f/d):

a total of 120 in Germany and Austria

Our work:

Implementation of our solutions at the customer site and in-house product development

Project sites:

We currently support our clients in Munich, Cologne, Vienna, Düsseldorf, Nuremberg and Hanover


Munich (headquarter), Cologne and Vienna


more than 20


more than 40


A concise summary of our corporate culture:

We work in an agile way, with short communication paths and a clear vision forward.

Kultur Hinterfragen

Our culture encourages people to question things. This approach has proven to us to be extremely valuable and strong, as we could frequently optimize our goals.

We like to get our teeth into tasks when things get tricky.  

Sei Du selbst Sei Du selbst

And the most important thing: at Faktor Zehn you can "be yourself" – there’s no pressure to pretend to be someone you’re not.

On average
employees per customer project
Per day
cups of coffee
More than
colleagues have a beard
More than
board games