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  • Picture of the company buildin of Debeka with the inscription: Debeka on Transformation course : New quotation platform goes live

    Debeka relies on new quotation platform

    With the new system, Debeka will lift its sales activities onto a technologically future-proof platform.

  • Weiße 10 auf hellblauem Hintergrund

    ProTect goes live with new partner system Faktor-IBP

    ProTect has reached another milestone in the modernization of its IT application landscape by replacing the management of its customer data from the mainframe.

  • Faktor Zehn Produktlogos als Titelbild für einen Newsbeitrag zum Release 22.12

    Winterrelease 22.12

    Winterrelease 22.12 Around the turn of the year we have released version 22.12 of the further grown Faktor Zehn Suite: Faktor-IPS: Contract and Product Modeling (Release Notes)…

  • Mehrere Männer bei einer Vertragsunterzeichnung

    Provinzial Group relies on software from Faktor Zehn

    The future mobility solution is to be operated in the cloud and is based on state-of-the-art technology.

  • News Beitrag Titelbild von der BavariaDirekt und Faktor Zehn

    BavariaDirekt sets new Faktor-ICO commision productive

    Thanks to the completely agile project approach, the commission solution for the private liability line of business went live after a project duration of only 7 months.

  • Picture of the DEVK company building next to its logo

    DEVK Group reaches next milestone

    In addition to the existing Faktor-IPM system, DEVK also opted for Faktor Zehn's Faktor-IOS offer and quotation system in 2021.

  • Weiße 10 auf hellblauem Hintergrund

    Hello Business Line.

    NÜRNBERGER owes the success of the project primarily to the great commitment of its project team…

  • Weiße 10 auf hellblauem Hintergrund

    Achmea-Netherlands implements AOV

    Achmea is now offering online calculation of AOV Insurance products using Faktor-IPS as part of Achmea’s target architecture.

  • Weiße 10 auf hellblauem Hintergrund

    ProTect Versicherung AG goes live with Faktor Zehn software in only 8 months

    Within a project lasting only eight months, both Faktor-IPM as the new policy system and Faktor-IOS as the offer/quotation system were introduced…

  • Weiße 10 auf hellblauem Hintergrund

    ProTect Versicherung AG relies on software from Faktor Zehn

    The decisive factors for this decision were the technical maturity of the solution, the good integration capability of the Faktor Zehn Suite ...

  • Weiße 10 auf hellblauem Hintergrund

    BavariaDirekt launches the new policy system Faktor-IPM, in three months

    For this innovative product, the decision of what software to use to manage the business, was made in favor of Faktor-IPM, a system developed by Faktor Zehn GmbH.

  • Weiße 10 auf hellblauem Hintergrund

    HDI Global SE launches new Underwriting Workbench globally

    On this basis, the first stage of a solution spanning products and lines was completed for global application within the space of one year.

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