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ProTect Versicherung AG relies on software from Faktor Zehn for the realignment of their IT systems.

As part of its growth strategy, the subsidiary of Provinzial has opted for the Faktor Zehn Suite. The goal of the project, which is being implemented in an agile manner, is a first go-live in Q3 2020.

HDI Global SE launches new Underwriting Workbench globally

Launch of a unified and interdisciplinary underwriting solution spanning different lines HDI Global SE is committed to product and process-driven solution design with core components of Faktor Zehn GmbH HDI Global SE,…

BavariaDirekt launches the new policy system Faktor-IPM, in three months

BavariaDirekt set itself the goal of being one of the first insurers on the market to launch independent insurance for e-scooters. Within just three months, they introduced a new policy system from Faktor Zehn GmbH.

Car insurance no-claims discounts made simple, using Factor Zehn policy system

The Faktor-IPM policy system is being developed steadily over time, and will soon include a new module for car insurance. The “administration module for car insurance no-claims discounts" - in short "SF module" - will make…

DEVK goes live with a new Faktor-IPM policy management system, successfully migrating 1.3 million contracts - in time and budget and meeting required quality standards

Cologne, April 24, 2019 - The DEVK Group has successfully implemented Faktor-IPM, the policy management system developed by Faktor Zehn GmbH, for home insurance products. The project was supported by the Cologne-based IT…


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