Together we make the best decisions

Our Management team consist of our Managing and Associate Partners as well as of our Team Leads. Get to know some of them here.

Portrait Picture outside of our Managing Partner Jörg Renger

Jörg Renger

Jörg Renger is a Managing Director at Faktor Zehn GmbH and also a member of the Executive Board of ConVista Consulting AG since 2021. He is responsible for marketing and business development, as well as the international business.

From 2000 onwards, the business graduate has held various management positions in Germany and abroad for international companies in the insurance, IT and consulting sectors. Most recently, he was Managing Partner at ConVista Consulting AG, where he was responsible for policy administration and project management.

Portrait of our managing director Jörg Renger

Jan Ortmann

Jan Ortmann is a member of the founding team and Managing Director at Faktor Zehn GmbH. He is responsible for product development and People & Culture.

The business informatics graduate began his career at a large insurance company in Cologne, after which he gained extensive project experience as a consultant with a leading international software manufacturer.  He then went on to take a role at a large insurance provider, and was responsible for the technical management of the development of policy and product systems.

Portrait photo of our Managing Director Jan Ortmann

Michael Eibner

Michael Eibner is a Managing Partner at Faktor Zehn GmbH. He is responsible for sales and service systems and supports marketing and business development.

The IT business economist started his career in 2000 in a family-run IT systems house in Nuremberg. In 2002, he moved to Germany’s most frequently selected direct insurer, developing sales systems, leading various projects, before becoming technical system manager for the insurance company’s quotation system. In 2011, he moved to Faktor Zehn and since then has held various management positions.

Portrait of or Managing Partner Michael Eibner

Martin Taferner

Martin Taferner became a Managing Partner at ConVista Faktor Zehn GmbH Austria on 1st July 2017.

After training at the Technical College of St. Pölten in the Department of Communications Engineering, he worked for the IT subsidiary of a large Austrian insurance company, as a software developer. He then spent several years managing projects in the insurance sector for an international IT company. In 2009, he moved to Faktor Zehn GmbH Austria, where he set up and expanded the Java and web development division. He is responsible for project management, personnel management and strategic development.

Portrait photo of our Managing Partner Martin Taferner

Thorsten Günther

Thorsten Günther has been Managing Partner of Faktor Zehn GmbH since July 1, 2021. He supports innovation projects and is part of the delivery team of Faktor Zehn.

The computer scientist started his career in 2000 at a large software house in Munich. He moved to Faktor Zehn in 2006. Since then, he has carried out several projects for well-known insurance companies as a developer, technical consultant and project manager. In 2021, he became part of the management of Faktor Zehn GmbH. His focus is on providing support in human resources management and in the supervision of Faktor Zehn projects.

Portrait of our Managing Partner Thorsten Günther

Cornelius Dirmeier

Cornelius Dirmeier has been Managing Partner of Faktor Zehn GmbH since January 2023. He is part of the product development management and responsible for the IT infrastructure of Faktor Zehn.

After successfully completing his studies at the LMU, the computer science graduate started his professional career at Faktor Zehn in 2009. As the first official employee of the product development department, he played a key role in establishing this elementary branch of the company in the following years and had a lasting impact on its development. In addition to his function in product development management, Cornelius is also responsible as a product owner for Faktor-IPM.Core, as well as the user interface framework linkki.

Portrait of our Managing Partner Cornelius Dirmeier

Peter Stracke

Peter Stracke has also been Managing Partner at Faktor Zehn since January 2023. He is Product Owner of the Insurance Business Partner and responsible for the Faktor Zehn portal solution for end customers.

The mathematics graduate began his career at a large German IT service provider initially as a developer and then early on as a project manager. Over the next few years of his career, he worked on numerous IT projects in Germany as well as in Sydney, San Francisco and Denver. He took on staff responsibilities and was a customer manager up to divisional management. In November 2018, Peter started as Lead Consultant – later Associate Partner – at Faktor Zehn and helped to build up Faktor Zehn’s Insurance Business Partner from the very beginning.

Portrait of our Managing Partner Peter Stracke

Angela Krambs

Angela Krambs has been part of the management team at Faktor Zehn since October 2022. As team lead for business development, she works together with her colleagues on brand development, communication, marketing as well as business and sales support.

The international business graduate started her career as a management consultant in the field of purchasing and procurement optimization. In addition to handling projects in Germany, she coordinated international global sourcing projects. She then changed her focus to marketing & sales. Since then, she has been involved in many projects as (sub-) project manager in the areas of sales, international sales structures, CRM systems and marketing. She has been working for the ConVista Consulting Group since 2010. In 2016, she moved within the group to Faktor Zehn.

Portrait of our Leiterin for Business Development Angela Krambs

Andrea Hohenadl

Andrea Hohenadl has been part of the management team at Faktor Zehn since October 2022. As Teamlead for People & Culture, she works with her colleagues on all topics related to employees.

After her training as an industrial manager and foreign language correspondent, Andrea worked for several years in the export department of a well-known equipment manufacturer for large-scale and industrial kitchens. In 2005, shortly after the company was founded, Andrea joined Faktor Zehn as a commercial all-rounder. The People & Culture department was very close to her heart from the very beginning, and she now manages it with her small team.

Picture of our Team-Lead for People & Culture Andrea Hohenadl