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We offer standard software for mapping core insurance processes in state-of-the-art architecture to prepare insurance companies for future challenges of digitalization.

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End-to-end core insurance platform based on state-of-the-art technology

Implement new digital business models quickly and future-proof with the Faktor Zehn Suite

Use the modules individually or cover all core processes with our Faktor Zehn Suite - from product definition to offer and quotation management, policy handling and claim fulfilment. It also offers a central and flexible management system for all your partner data. The individual software components can also be integrated individually into your system landscape. The Faktor Zehn Suite is our all-in-one solution. It includes all our products:

Open Source product management system and development tool

For your future policy system

The offer and quotation system for the Omnicanal distribution

Claims management for the industry 4.0

Cross-division and cross-channel partner management

As part of our digital sales strategy, we offer our clients cross-channel access to our insurance products and a seamless customer journey across all ERGO's sales channels. With their offer system, Faktor Zehn provides us with a central software component and supports the implementation of our strategic project.

Herr Manuel Knaup; Vorstandsmitglied ERGO

Dr. Manuel Nothelfer

Member of the Executive Board

As a digital insurer, we need for the right online customer experience a calculation engine that delivers results in a split second, even for complex products. Faktor-IPS exceeded our expectations. Faktor Zehn helped us enormously to deliver on time.

Herr Ton van der Linden; CIO Achmea

Ton van der Linden

CIO Achmea

ConVista is our partner for modernizing our composite application landscape. The first steps with the new Faktor-IPM policy system from Faktor Zehn have convinced IT as well as our specialist department. We believe that this will create the technical basis to meet future customer expectations such as fast Time-to-Market and Digitalization.

Herr Michael Knaup; Vorstandsmitglied DEVK

Michael Knaup

Member of the Executive Board
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