Today we have over 160 colleagues and work in three fantastic offices in Cologne's Zollhafen, in the heart of Vienna and in the center of Munich. Our mission is to make life easier for insurance companies with our software products. We are involved in more than 40 projects in which we work together with our customers to bring the IT systems and processes in their IT departments up to scratch.

In the cooperation with our customers, we place particular emphasis on high quality, respectful interaction with each other and open communication. This means concretely

  •     that we constantly scrutinize the quality of our services
  •     that we stand by our agreements and take responsibility
  •     that we openly address new findings, possible errors and recommendations

What makes us special is our very positive and productive working atmosphere. Among other things, this is due to our special cohesion. Everyone is ready to help a colleague and share knowledge. New colleagues quickly make friends, the fastest way to do so is through nerdy conversations in the coffee kitchen.

From time to time it can also become more stressful. But there is always time for a coffee on the terrace or a table soccer game with colleagues. Often the best ideas are born - or a solution for a problem we have been thinking about for a long time.

The daily work routine as a software developer

As a software developer in a customer project, you use our self-developed programs at the customer's site. A working day could begin with you discussing with your team in the morning which tasks are to be done today - whether it is to further develop the existing software, to organize a completely new project or to implement new requirements. This is the challenge: On the one hand, to implement the customer's wishes and on the other hand, to generate a cleanly structured and functional Java code. That's not always easy, but that's where the fun in the work lies.

The travel activity looks like this: from Monday to Thursday at the customer's site, i.e. three nights on the road, Fridays at the Faktor-Zehn office or at the home office. We make sure that the project work, including travel to and from the location and accommodation, is as comfortable as possible for you.

The daily work routine as a business consultant

As a business consultant you will support the department in process optimization and design. You are the interface to the IT colleagues of the customer and the IT consultants on site. Together with the customer, you develop business concepts and work on their implementation at the customer's site in agile or classic projects. You will also translate the business requirements for the developers - and technical requirements for the business department.

Our experienced business consultants then manage entire projects or sub-projects and take on further responsibility.

Your agenda also includes training, operational support, presentations and quality assurance.

Learn more about our trainee program

Are you interested in our trainee program? Read our interview with Felicia, who completed the Factor Ten Trainee Program in 2016.

If our trainee program has sparked your interest, you can find the interview with our current trainees on our Faktor Zehn Blog.

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