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10 reasons for Faktor Zehn

Perhaps you are asking yourself why you should work for us. Here you will find not just one, but ten good reasons why we are different from other employers:

ConVista Herz

We make you feel welcome

At Faktor Zehn the individual comes first. Our employees’ dreams and ideas are important to us! Each person receives one-to-one professional and personal support. We nurture a family-like environment where each individual is helpful, honest and cooperative. And, of course, we are all on first name terms from interims to board members.

ConVista Team

We create the right environment for you

We value good ideas, so our culture promotes both creative solutions and methodical work. By encouraging feedback and honest teamwork we have created an appealing working environment - including table football, free coffee and sweets in the office.

ConVista Wissen

We share knowledge

We have direct communication channels and share our knowledge actively, promoting feedback by having an open door policy. We have events such as Tech-Talks, Project Weeks, Info-Talks and Meetups to support professional networking and exchange of ideas. You can learn from your colleagues’ experience and share your own knowledge.

We drive exciting and challenging projects forwards

What do we mean by exciting projects? We mean working to improve performance for renowned insurance companies with our state-of-the-art technology. No two projects are alike so your ability to critically analyze a situation, your creativity and your good ideas are needed.

Active cooperation

We are looking for clever minds. Everyone can contribute their ideas, no matter how unusual they may be. This is the only way our Techie-Community survives. This is the only way we can improve our products and processes and question them critically again and again.

ConVista Förderung

Self development

Professional development is our top priority. Expand your horizons with interesting training courses from the ConVista and Faktor Zehn Academy. Every year you can choose from over 120 training courses in the areas of processes, methods and technologies. Would you like to broaden your horizons? Are you interested in external training courses, congresses and trade fairs? No problem, we will support you!

We have a great sense of humour and we laugh a lot

At Faktor Zehn you will be working with people who develop and consult with fun and passion and this creates a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Good mood? Yes, please!

We are not afraid of trying new things

We are always trying out new technology or methods, if we think they will help us achieve our goals. This means we are constantly in a process of self-improvement and learning-by-doing.

Convista Berateralltag

We like to spend time together

... even after work, e.g. we share sports activities, game evenings or after-work BBQs.

No two days are the same

Routine? Definitely not! The exciting thing about our projects is that they always bring new challenges and variety every day. We can promise you that things won’t get boring at Faktor Zehn.

Working with friends

"Fairness amongst employees and customers, great colleagues, high quality standards, great events (2017 Barcelona was awesome)".

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Best Company

Amazing (Faktor) 10 out of 5 stars

"We all pull together and support everyone as best we can."

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Best Company

Best company ever!

"Everyone is pulling in the same direction and we are proud of the quality of our work. We also like to party.“

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Best Company

A company people like to work for!

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Best Company

Your personal development at Faktor Zehn

Let’s grow together and become better: we will create the foundation for your personal development. No complicated processes and rigid career plans. You will have the freedom to shape your development in line with your own interests. You determine the pace and direction. From technological and methodological basics to specialist knowledge of the insurance industry and soft skills training. You can further develop yourself by attending our internal training courses.

As part of the ConVista family, Faktor Zehn can access the ConVista Academy, which offers more than 120 trainings a year. We also support you to find research projects, participate in trade fairs and meet-ups, or achieve other qualifications.

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But it is the learning on the project or in product development team that propels you forward. You can gain valuable experience while working closely with an experienced team of colleagues and tackling challenging tasks. We engage in direct feedback and talk openly, in a stress free environment, about mistakes and successes.

We are also committed to promoting professional knowledge transfer among ourselves. Get inspiration from the person next door in our monthly tech-talks. Do you like to think outside the box and are you interested in new technology? During our project week we give you free time to research and try out new technologies. You then share your results with your colleagues and discuss together whether your idea has future potential or not. Recently, we discuss topics such as "JUnit5 as a test framework", "Is it worth switching from Maven to Gradle?" or "Does Kotlin really make the life of a Java developer easier?”.

The goal of your journey with Faktor Zehn is always clear: build up real expertise in your areas of interest over time, share your knowledge, and grow with the Faktor Zehn community.

What will you get out of it?

We offer an attractive salary package in addition to numerous additional benefits to reward your commitment to our mutual success.

  • Professional development through our Academy

    with over 120 courses each year covering the areas of processes, methods and technology. Refer to our academy

  • Comfortable working environment

    with height-adjustable tables, ergonomic seats and a wrist-friendly computer mouse

  • Working best equipped

    with laptop, mobile phone and a company credit card - first-class technical equipment that allows you to work flexibly from any location

  • Free drinks, fresh fruit and brainfood

    in all our Faktor Zehn offices

  • Your dream company car

    you can lease it after your trial period by salary conversion - we are not tied to any manufacturer

  • A company bike of your choice

    is available for you after you finish the trial period if you decide on the more sporty form of transport.

  • Best locations

    in Cologne, Munich and Vienna with very good traffic connections and free parking spaces

  • Sport connects

    us - that's why we are active together and like to try out new sports. Once a month, our sports club organizes great team activities such as bowling, water skiing, cross fit. In Vienna, you also benefit from the Myclubs offer

  • Freie Fahrt ins Wiener Büro

    with the job ticket. We cover the costs for public transport travel between your apartment and the Faktor Zehn office, in Vienna

  • Company events

    To promote regular networking and to have a great time with colleagues

  • Family integration

    our events also focus of the family, so we can have a good time altogether

  • Support of family life

    by supporting flexible working time models, working from home may be an option. We also have in house child care in the Cologne office


  • "Employees recruit Employees" bonus

    if you make a personal recommendations and we hire the applicant

  • Your retirement planning in good hands

    we support your savings amount with operational grants

  • Home office working

    is not a problem. Avoid the rush hour and work without distractions (depends on customer project).

  • Flexible working

    means time for leisure activities, so you can combine your professional and private life. Our flexi-time is made for both early and late risers (depends on the customer project)

  • Time for research

    is given in an individual project week. Examples could be new technology, architectures or prototypes

  • Make a break

    in our chillout room in the Vienna breaks are important. We provide a space where you can relax and recharge your batteries in our relaxation room. You’ll see how a small powernap often works wonders!

Internal events

At Faktor Zehn, we meet on a regular basis. The sharing of knowledge and experience is very important to us. We also spend time together having fun and discussing topics other than work.

We organize events three to four times a year to keep ourselves up to date and to promote topics we are interested in.

In our “LiveTalks”, feedback can be provided on the organization and on management feedback, and we will provide information on current developments. You can take part in the exchange sessions and you can give direct and honest opinions in the open forum.

The highlight of each year is our Summer Event: a four-day event for all employees, worldwide - each time in another spectacular European city. The program includes an interactive exchange of information, workshops, team meetings, sightseeing excursions and two extravagant evening events with dinner and a party. Partners and children are also invited.

And we offer even more! At Faktor Zehn we always find an occasion to meet each other far away from everyday work life e.g. at the Oktoberfest in September, at our carnival party in November, at summer or barbecue parties, game evenings, Christmas parties or at sporting activities.

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