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10 reasons for Faktor Zehn

Are you wondering why it's worth joining us? Here you will find not just one, but ten good reasons why we are different from others:

ConVista Herz

We make you feel welcome

At Faktor Zehn the individual comes first. Our employees’ dreams and ideas are important to us! Each person receives one-to-one professional and personal support. We nurture a family-like environment where each individual is helpful, honest and cooperative. And, of course, we are all on first name terms from interims to board members.

ConVista Team

We create the right environment for you

We value good ideas, so our culture promotes both creative solutions and methodical work. By encouraging feedback and honest teamwork we have created an appealing working environment - including table football, free coffee and sweets in the office.

ConVista Wissen

 Benefit from the know-how of your colleagues

We exchange ideas directly, actively share our knowledge and promote feedback channels. That's why our doors are always open. We offer formats such as Tech Talks, Project Weeks, Live Talks, Meetups and Coding Dojos to specifically support the professional exchange. Learn from the experiences of your colleagues and pass on your knowledge as well.

We drive exciting and challenging projects forwards

What do we mean by exciting projects? We mean working to improve performance for renowned insurance companies with our state-of-the-art technology. No two projects are alike so your ability to critically analyze a situation, your creativity and your good ideas are needed.

Create with us

We are looking for clever minds. Everyone contributes with their ideas, no matter how unusual they may be. Because that's the only way our techie community lives. It's the only way we can improve our products and processes and keep questioning them critically. One way you can give us and the management feedback is through the regular "LiveTalks". There you will be informed about current developments, you can participate in the exchange rounds and express criticism directly and openly. 

ConVista Förderung

 Develop yourself further

We create all the conditions for your personal development. Expand your horizons with interesting training courses at the ConVista and Faktor-Zehn-Academy. Each year, you can choose from over 130 training courses on the topics of processes, methods and technologies. We also support you in finding research projects, participating in trade fairs and meet-ups, or completing certifications.
You want to think outside the box and are interested in external training courses, congresses and trade fairs? No problem, we will support you.

We have a great sense of humour and we laugh a lot

For you, working at Faktor Zehn means being with people who develop and advise with fun and passion. Naturally, this makes for a good mood and a relaxed atmosphere. Good mood? Yes please!

We are not afraid of trying new things

We regularly try out new technologies or methods if we feel that they help us with our problem. As a result, we are in a constant process of self-improvement and live true learning-by-doing.

Convista Berateralltag

We like to spend time together

...not only the exchange to bring us up to date professionally and to deal with topics we want to advance is very important to us. But also spending time together, even after work, e.g. at joint sports activities, game nights or after-work BBQs.

 With us no day is like the other

All routine? A clear no! The exciting thing about our projects is that they always bring new challenges and variety to your everyday work.

We can promise you that: It never gets boring with us.

Benefits at Faktor Zehn: Why it's worth it for you

For what you do for us every day, you will receive fair and attractive compensation from Faktor Zehn. In addition, you can look forward to numerous additional benefits - our thank you to you and your daily commitment to our joint success*.

*Benefits listed may vary by company location.

Internal events

At Faktor Zehn, we get together on a regular basis. The professional exchange is very important to us, but we also have fun and spend time together outside of the work context.
Three to four times a year, we organize events to bring us up to date professionally and to deal with topics that we want to push forward. You have the opportunity to give us and the management feedback at the regular "Practice Group Meetings" and "Info Days". There you will be informed about current developments, you can participate in the exchange rounds and express criticism directly and openly. 

The highlight of each year is our Summer Event: a four-day event for all employees worldwide - each time in a different impressive European city. The program includes an active exchange of information, workshops and team meetings, sightseeing excursions and two magnificent evening events with dinner and a party afterwards. Of course, partners and children are also invited.
But we offer even more! Be it the Oktoberfest in September, carnival in November, summer or barbecue parties, game nights, theme brunches, Christmas parties or sports - at Faktor Zehn we always find an occasion to get together far away from the daily work routine and to-dos.

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