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Together with our parent company ConVista Consulting, we offer everything from a single source!

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Your implementation project in good hands

Together with our parent company, we offer everything from a single source.

Our parent company, ConVista Consulting AG, has been advising insurance companies along the entire value chain for 20 years. Their consultants support them in redesigning processes, optimizing business activities and introducing IT solutions based on SAP, Microsoft and Java technology.

For core insurance processes alone, the ConVista Group has another 300 consultants at its disposal. They implement Faktor Zehn products hand in hand with our software development team

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The proven project approach accelerates the project start and saves costs

Based on the experience from more than 1,000 IT projects with insurance companies, ConVista has developed an integrated project methodology.

In addition to the pure implementation of the insurance software, the consultants consider all areas that contribute to the successful introduction of an inventory, product, quotation and/or claims system.


Our software offers new opportunities for you to further optimize your core processes and generate positive experiences for your customers. Digitization and automation can help you streamline processes and shorten response times. We have consolidated over two decades of project experience, and devised reference and process models, from which your project will benefit.  Together with your experts, we can find the potential and implement improvements.


Modelling the products correctly is crucial for the "time-to-market" of new or modified products. Our experts can advise you on how to create the right model and then they will coach your employees, so they are able to quickly and efficiently use our product themselves. Within a short space of time, you will be in a position to introduce new products within one day, using our software. For a flying start, you can also refer back to our reference product models and adapt them to your individual needs.


In order to increase the dark processing rate, it is necessary to focus on the entire process, and the opportunities offered by the new software must be utilized optimally. Often, it is possible to save a lot of the cost and running times by "darkening" only partial sections, so that light operations can be carried out directly and conclusively. With the help of our KPI catalogue, we can determine your potential, find joint solutions, against which, at a later stage, can be used to measure success, and coordinate these measures with the relevant departments.


Exchanging core applications in heterogeneous system landscapes requires a great deal of sensitivity, communication skills and stamina. We have a process model for all the standard interfacing systems and can provide a team of specialist consultants to support your project. Our consultants have been working for many years with commission management, collection and disbursement, data warehouse/reporting, printing and sales portals, etc.


One of the critical success factors for a project is knowing the timings of certain tasks, and incorporating them into the plan early enough. With our tried and tested approach, we have acquired an understanding of when such critical tasks need to be done, which provides a good grounding for the project during the initialization phase.  Our approach, which includes starting with standard functionality and analyzing the delta requirements in an agile development, has proven to be invaluable, as it allows us to achieve a sign off early on. This enables us to support your core team from the very start, by providing tools (relevant templates, project plans, blueprint templates, and a wealth of experience), then accompanying the team through implementation, testing and finally into a successful go-live.


There are many decisions to be made when transferring data from a legacy system - from choosing the right migration strategy to determining the right point in time. Our team draws on years of experience and tried and tested techniques with our software, and works with you to find the right approach. For data migration, we use exactly the same technical logic as for all other business transactions. This saves you development and testing costs.


Your organization’s new software may lead to an extension or adaptation of the technical infrastructure, and may even need to be operated on the cloud. Our system administrators bring experience and drive and are available if required.


A well prepared training plan can be scaled up and utilized for many users. Our team can support key user or end user training. In our own Academy we offer more than 135 training courses. In 2018, our consultants and customers attended more than 165 training days.

Introduction & Migration

Just before go live, planning needs to be meticulous and there needs to be a lot of communication.  The team is ready to master the final challenge – a transmission that needs to be as seamless as possible. We support the migration process with final checklists and scripts and nerves of steel!

Maintenance & operation

To guarantee sustainability, new requirements and a changing environments require constant attention and clear guidelines. An integral part of all our projects is the development of your employees' know-how, so that you can operate and maintain your systems yourselves. We support the development of suitable resources with our academy training and our coaching approach. On request, we will also find a suitable model for continued support by our own employees.


Replacing core insurance applications requires interdisciplinary knowledge and lot of experience. Our Project Managers will assume responsibility and support your project organization throughout the project.  

For large-scale projects, with the implementation of a whole suite of new components, our experienced and certified Project Managers and Scrum Master establish best practice reporting structures and for smaller implementations they integrate individual components into existing structures.

Change Management

A software change can affect many business areas. Supported by our catalogues of questions, we work with you to identify the opportunities arising for each individual from the innovation, support the transfer of knowledge and accompany the project with the appropriate communication.


Our software should become a useful "cogwheel" in your target architecture. In order to fulfil this goal, common guidelines have to be developed and many individual decisions have to be made. By providing  architectural blueprints for our software and for standard interfacing system, we ensure that you have the best understanding of the whole system, and to pave the way for the future, we work on establishing the necessary relationships between your architecture and our product development department.


An agile or iterative project approach requires tailored test management that integrates into existing release processes. We have experience in both approaches and can advise on what is right for you.  In addition to planning, controlling and monitoring all test activities, our experienced test managers also support test automation, and the selection of tools or test data management. The objective of our test procedure is to detect errors at an early stage, before the cost-intensive integration tests.

Principles of our project approach:

Agile approach

We believe in the advantage of short development cycles with direct feedback from future users. Therefore our preferred approach is to manage our projects through either  an agile or iterative project delivery method– adapted to the delivery requirements of our customers. This avoids failures and frustration for project members and users of our software.

Delta concept

We keep our concepts lean. How our software works is described in detail in the product documentation. In our implementation projects, only customizing settings and deviations from the standard are recorded (= delta). This is quick and reduces the risk of follow-up costs for maintenance.

ConVista Team

Partnership model

We work closely with our customers. Depending on how many resources they have, we take on as many project tasks as necessary - in a balanced or externally oriented project organization.

ConVista Wissen

Transfer of know-how

We want our customers to have mastered our standard software following an implementation project. We are therefore happy to share our expert knowledge with all project participants at an early stage - by providing accompanying training and coaching. This reduces maintenance costs and prevents our customers from becoming dependent on us as software manufacturers.

Your advantages with ConVista as an implementation partner

Provision of a competent team for the implementation project by ConVista
  • Process experts

    who analyze and optimize your core insurance processes

  • Developers and software architects

    who adapt the software to your requirements

  • Integration experts

    who connect the surrounding systems from your system landscape (SAP and others)

  • Project management team

    for project management, change and test management

Documentation specially designed for the Faktor Zehn products
  • Prepared project planning documents

    for scoping, estimation and planning of the project launch

  • Templates

    Templates, checklists and workshop concepts for efficient concept work

  • Adapters and best practices

    for integration with other standard software and customer systems

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