One for all or all in one?

For us it’s all in one! One product offers everything. The Faktor-Zehn-Suite is our answer to an end-to-end core insurance solution for non-life.

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The end-to-end insurance platform with an open source core

Overview of our end-to-end insurance platform. Faktor-IPS is an open source core and the central interface to Faktor-IPM, Faktor-IOS and Faktor-ICS.
Implement new future-proof digital business models quickly with the Faktor-Zehn-Suite

The Faktor-Zehn-Suite is our end-to-end core insurance solution. The suite covers all core processes - from product definition to offer and quotation management, policy handling and claim fulfilment. It also offers a central and flexible management system for all your partner data. Simplify your business by using our integrated reference models, sample products and processes - the standard version of the suite already covers all of this for all non-life segments, including automotive.

The versatile modelling capabilities of the suite’s open source core are unique. This level of flexibility means the Faktor-Zehn-Suite can be adapted to your interfaces and easily integrated into existing system landscapes. You may not even have to touch the surrounding systems at all, saving time and money.

Implement your business models - old or new, classic or digital. We will ensure that the IT side of your core processes will run smoothly.
  • Digitization and Insurance 4.0

    Integrate new communication and distribution channels (including new service providers) and increase your automation/shadow processing

  • Rapid product launches

    Get your products faster to market, cost-effectively

  • Intensive customer contact

    Connect with your customers quickly and purposefully - using classic and new communication channels (including third-party providers)

  • Customer Journey

    Focus on your customers and adapt to their needs at all times

On-premise or in the cloud
Choose the model that suits you best

Faktor-Zehn-Suite on the Azure Cloud - Find out more
Rely on state-of-the-art technology that guarantees you flexibility and speed – the Faktor-Zehn-Suite.
  • Standard models and products for all core insurance processes (offer/quotation, contract, claims)

    Central location for modelling products, which are then made available to all modules (offer, portfolio, claims). This leads to a quicker and cost-effective time to market of products and services

  • Standard software for non-life with numerous customization options

    Reference models, processes and products are available for the German market for all non-life segments including automotive. They can be used or adapted to your individual needs.

  • Unique in the market - open source development platform is at the heart of the suite

    We have created both the product system and the interface framework as open source components. Java stack open source libraries are also part of our solution

  • Manageability through your IT systems

    State-of-the-art technology and a lean architecture ensure your independence in operation and further development

  • Flexible interfaces ensure integration into your IT landscape

    Integrate the Faktor-Zehn-Suite into your system landscape quickly and securely - standard interfaces are available to the most common peripheral systems. Any interfaces that need to be made are done directly in the suite, so ideally your systems remain untouched

  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

    Benefit from the efficiency and performance of our suite not only during the implementation project, but also when the system is in operation

  • Everything from a single source

    In co-operation with our parent company, ConVista, we offer implementation and software expertise from a single source. Our network consists of over 750 IT consultants worldwide

Learn more about the components of our suite:

IPS Produktmanagement 
Faktor-IPS Produktlogo blau
Das Produktlogo von Faktor-IPS. Unserem Open Source Produktsystem.

Product management and development tool for insurances

Define and design your insurance products and services centrally using open source technology

Faktor-IPS allows you to manage and configure the data model, products and services centrally. Automatically generated Java code then transfers the products and services to all linked systems. This Java code can also be used for developing product-driven operational systems.

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IPM Bestandsmanagement
Faktor-IPM Produktlogo blau
Das blaue Produktlogo von Faktor-IPM. Unserem smarten Bestandsführungssystem.

The modern policy system for insurance companies

Model and manage your insurance contracts and products efficiently and make sure they are future-proof

Faktor-IPM allows you to model products and contract structures freely, whilst simultaneously using all standard functions. This unique interaction provides a high degree of automation and enables new products to be introduced in a single day. Pre-configured products, business transactions and interfaces are already available for all non-life business, including automotive

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IOS Angebotsmanagement
Faktor-IOS Produktlogo blau
Das Produktlogo von Faktor-ICS. Unserem Angebots- und Antragssystem.

For omni-channel sales activities

Target your customers using new and existing digital distribution channels.

Faktor-IOS enables you to manage your quotation and applications centrally and makes sure they are available across different sales channels. Thanks to the integrated product system Faktor-IPS, you can adapt your existing products and service modules quickly and easily - and implement your individual sales channel strategy.

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ICS Schadenmanagement
Faktor-ICS Produktlogo blau
Die Produktwabe von Faktor-ICS. Unserem Schadensystem für die Versicherung 4.0.

The claims system for insurance 4.0

Fulfilling your claims promises quickly and efficiently for current and future products

With Faktor-ICS new product and service ideas can be implemented quickly, whilst leveraging the potential for comprehensive automation and shadow processing. For a quick start, use the pre-configured processes and functions or map your own sets of rules. Thanks to the flexible architecture and modern web-based interface, it’s simple and intuitive.

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