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Additional health insurance

Pressure on the healthcare industry is mounting – especially in the statutory insurance where savings need to be made. Insurance customers have to live with limited benefits, but, at the same time, they are becoming increasingly health conscious and are requesting supplementary health insurance. They expect insurance companies to increasingly focus on their needs.

Optional tariffs and bonus programs can provide your company with a decisive competitive advantage.

Faktor-IPS (Insurance Product System) supports you in managing supplementary health insurance products simply and efficiently. Product changes such as adjustments to bonus amounts or income intervals can be adjusted in one day and integrated into operational processes. This makes it possible to register and settle accounts immediately for the policyholder’s new or amended product. You have almost unlimited professional freedom to design and bundle products - thanks to state-of-the-art technology.

You can then make these products available to all distribution channels as standard or as a sales option with Faktor-IOS, our offer and quotation system (with omni-channel capabilities). This enables you to target your customers more quickly and more specifically.

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Define and design your insurance products and services centrally using open source technology

Faktor-IPS allows you to manage and configure the data model, products and services centrally. Automatically generated Java code then transfers the products and services to all linked systems. This Java code can also be used for developing product-driven operational systems.

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Model and manage your insurance contracts and products efficiently and make sure they are future-proof

Faktor-IPM allows you to model products and contract structures freely, whilst simultaneously using all standard functions. This unique interaction provides a high degree of automation and enables new products to be introduced in a single day. Pre-configured products, business transactions and interfaces are already available for all non-life business, including automotive.

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Target your customers using new and existing digital distribution channels.

Faktor-IOS enables you to manage your offers and quotations centrally and makes sure they are available across different sales channels. Thanks to the integrated product system Faktor-IPS, you can adapt your existing products and service modules quickly and easily - and implement your individual sales channel strategy.

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