Münchener Verein’s new sales solution

Regarding the Münchener Verein it was essential that a close cohesion between Faktor-IOS and BSI CRM was easily possible.


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Münchener Verein’s new sales solution for complementary insurance based on the standard software package Faktor-IOS goes productive

The Münchener Verein Munich puts the quotation and application management system Faktor-IOS productive after just 9 months.

Munich, December 17th, 2014:

‘The award Insurance Company of the Year 2014 is for us motivation to keep on focusing on the excellent support provided for our customers and to develop our service continuously’

– says Dr. Martin Zsohar, COO at the Münchener Verein. This also includes a high-performance and flexible quotation & application system.


The Münchener Verein decided to introduce Faktor-IOS in order to strengthen the direct sales.

The Münchener Verein decided to introduce Faktor-IOS in order to strengthen the direct sales.
Münchener Verein employees in the direct sales call-center have been using Faktor-IOS since September 2014, in order to offer dental complementary products. With the next release in January, the product range will be expanded with care products for the direct sales.
“The quotation solution Faktor-IOS enables us to provide new tariffs, with relatively low effort and within a short time”, says Manfred Wernhard, head of IT at the Münchener Verein. Thanks to this new solution it is possible to create new product variants for campaigne and actions based on complex basic tariffs.

‘Faktor-IOS provides all the features, which insurers expect from a modern quotation system, and it can be excellently integrated into existing system landscapes because of its modern Java-architecture. Thus we are able to provide all features, as a service, for other applications’

-, explains Dr. Renate Hums, Managing Partner at Faktor Zehn.

The new system landscape at Münchener Verein includes not only the Faktor-IOS but also the CRM-system of BSI. Regarding the Münchener Verein it was essential that a close cohesion between Faktor-IOS and BSI CRM was easily possible. Thus it is not recognizable by a user that they are using two distinct systems, because they interact via a uniform interface without interruptions.

The short project duration, which was required from the Münchener Verein, has been kept thanks to the use of standard software. “Hardly any bugs were found during the closing tests of the new application because of the high quality of the solution, the professional process of the implementation of Faktor-IOS and the good and constructive cooperation with the contact person at the Münchener Verein. I can only thank Faktor Zehn for this excellent performance”, says COO Dr. Zsohar in the steering committee at the end of the first project phase.
The employees of the Münchener Verein gave a very positive feedback of the new system after the production start without any problems. This provides the basis for further expansion of direct sales at the Münchener Verein.

‘Faktor Zehn supports the further expansion of the solution and guarantees the maintenance of the standard components as well as the customer-specific application components in the long term’

-says Michael Eibner, Associate Partner of Faktor Zehn.

Information about Faktor-IOS

Mit Faktor-IOS (Insurance Offer System) können Angebots- und Antragsfunktionen sparten- und kanalübergreifend auf unterschiedlichen Plattformen abgebildet werden. Einzigartiges Merkmal von Faktor-IOS ist das eigene Produktsystem Faktor-IPS®. Dieses hilft Versicherern, Produkte auf Basis der Bestandsprodukte an verschiedene Vertriebskanäle anzupassen. Kunden und Vermittlern können so maßgeschneiderte Produkt- und Leistungsbausteine angeboten werden. Die zentralen Angebotsservices (Microservice-Architektur) sorgen außerdem für einen ganzheitlichen Angebotsprozess über alle Vertriebskanäle hinweg. Dabei unterstützt Faktor-IOS zusätzlich Vertriebsprozesse zum Up- und Cross-Selling.

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