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The hybrid customer in the insurance industry

The challenge: the 'intelligent' sales layer should connect the different sales channels with the backend systems and respond to the customer's needs as well as optimally support the customer in decision-making. The 6 essential functions are shown here:

  • Combine products and channels flexibly
    It should be straightforward to create channel-specific product variants - for example, simple variants for online and complex ones for field sales. Products should also be able to be quickly linked to all sales channels.
  • Compile combination offers
    Anyone who can combine different services with each other and policies with non-insurance services, offers customers real added value and strengthens their loyalty. To achieve this, it must be possible to map these bundles technically.
  • Uncover upselling potential
    It should be possible to display targeted product offers, which have been previously determined by an AI upon the basis of internal (possibly also external) data.
  • Direct and intelligent supply management
    In order to recommend the most suitable product and the next action, the customer's reactions must be able to flow directly into new analyses. This requires flexible synchronization points to the AI and rule sets.
  • Making product rule sets usable
    A flexible integration layer is needed so that the product rule sets can be accessed in the backend.
  • Supplying third-party providers with microservices
    If microservices can make the modules for pricing, offers and quotations available to third parties, even customers of competitors or partners will be reached.

Our solution: Faktor-IOS

With our quotation/offer software Faktor-IOS we already support several customers with the implementation of the sales platform. Below you will find an overview of the customers who are already using our offer and quotation solution.

What does Faktor-IOS offer?

With Faktor-IOS, you can map your quotation and request functions across lines of business and channels on different platforms. The central quotation services ensure a holistic quotation process across all sales channels.
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