Factor IPS Persistence Options

Faktor-IPS offers several options to simplify operation and handling in daily use. In today's blog article, we will introduce you to the persistence options and hope to make your future work easier.

Faktor-IPS offers the possibility to configure settings for persisting contract data with JPA directly in the model. The section "PersistenceOptions" in the .ipsproject configuration file controls how names of classes and attributes are translated to table and column names, how long these names are allowed to be and how long or exact the values in the columns are allowed to be.

In order to be compatible with as many database systems as possible, the default settings of Faktor-IPS have been set to the lowest common denominator.
These restrictions are validated by Faktor-IPS as the number of characters; when using Unicode special characters, the number of bytes required in the database may be higher, depending on the database and encoding, so special characters in table and column names should be used with caution.


Database Table name Column name Scale Precision Column Size
DB2 128 32 31/79/6144 31/32/34/64 255/4046-32704, depending on the page size
Informix 128 128 32 32 255 (32739 for LVARCHAR)
Oracle <= 12.1 32 32 125 38 4000
Oracle >= 12.2 128 128 125 38 32767
Faktor-IPS-Default 30 30 31 31 4000


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